Friday, July 30, 2010

Good Economic sites: (Yves Smith - an alias)
- A lot of insight into the complexities of finance/banking.
- pretty cut and dry, but still very informative. - Brad Delong
- at times a bit abrasive (usually in a good way), but still quite knowledgable. - Paul Krugman (you may have seen him on TV)
- Similar to Brad Delong, and very good about macroeconomic policy (even if you disagree with his treatment (which I kind of do), his diagnosis is often very good. - Mike Shedlock (Mish)
- Has a different perspective, and is seemingly less convinced that fiscal/monetary policy can stave of deflation/depression. - a very different perspective, but still worth while. Although right now demand is low enough where in the short term energy isn't the problem it was.

There are a lot of others too, but those are the main ones. A lot of economic commentators are one trick ponies (they look and something and decide _that's_ the problem) - the best example are goldbugs.

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