Friday, July 11, 2008

Solar power:

Here is a nice list of cheapy's - the Evergreen Spruce looks pretty good. And BeyondOilSolar has the charge controllers as well as inverters. Nice.

Still, for one 170 panel, charge controller, batteries, and an inverter - $2,000 easy. I'll have to run through the numbers - I think this would include one panel, and a charge controller and inverter with room to grow (so I can add more panels and batteries).

On an unhappy side note - the Federal Government sucks... mostly...

On FISA: Glenn Greenwald - he appears to be about the best source on the subject (since he is very comprehensive and links to a number of other good comments on this issue). I don't know why Obama has to "Move to the Center." It seems - now that the primary is out of the way they're changing the target audience, and with that

On a happy(-ish) note: Paul Krugman's column today does show some light, and that Democrats aren't useless.

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