Sunday, July 29, 2007

Been doing a couple things - playing around with package core, and also the source for this game: It has this iDevGames license. Before I put too much work into it I better see if I can actually use it. This license is weirded very... poorly, imho. I would like to simply GPL my code. Would that fall under educational? I don't see why not :).

I was working pretty heavily on getting my gumstix computer working. Which it does, although with some major bugs. But that was sidelined when I started playing Warzone2100, which is pretty fun. Although it has a unresponsive interface, annoying AI, and most annoyingly they switched the usage of the mouse buttons. Usually right-click is move selected units here, while left click is moving around the map. This game (that originally came out in 1999) does the reverse. I've played for a while and I still do the wrong buttons constantly.

Eh ...

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